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Vanity Lights

  A vanity light, also known as a vanity bar, is a long light fixture mounted above the bathroom mirror. The counter and mirror are the focal point of the bathroom, and vanity lighting draws attention to this important spot. Vanity lights and vanity bars come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours.   Since not all bathrooms look the same, not all vanity lights belong in all bathrooms. Choosing the right colour, shape, material, and size helps establish the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Vanity Fixture Materials

  Three different types of materials are used to make most vanity light fixtures: Ceramic, metal, and glass. Each material has its pros and cons and contributes differently to different bathroom settings. Ceramic vanity lights are warm, often simple, and fit well in most bathrooms, especially minimalist ones. The translucent surface of the ceramic softens the shadows produced by the fixtures and allows for a comfortable transition between lighter and darker spots. Of course, ceramic would look out of place in some bathrooms. In those cases, metal and glass would be more appropriate.   Nickel and chrome are the most popular materials used in metal & glass vanity lights. Some fixtures feature a high-shine surface, for a sleek modern look, or a hammered or antiqued finish, for an old-fashioned feel. The glass shades over the bulbs may be completely clear or cloudy and translucent.  

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